QuestQuanum Data Diagnostics Report SampleToday’s healthcare environment is driven by data to improve clinical and quality outcomes, achieve cost efficiencies, and help enhance financial performance. Data Diagnostics® from QuestQuanum is a suite of patient-specific, real-time analytics that can be accessed on demand by clinicians at the point of care within their existing workflow. 

Three distinct categories of patient health analytics

Clinicians can access patient-specific insights within seconds:

Quality-Related Analytics: Provides a comprehensive picture of patients’ current or predicted clinical and quality gap status for specific quality measurements (e.g., CMS 5-Star, ACA QRS or NCQA/HEDIS®) and actions needed to help improve quality.

quest_icon_2.png Historical Data-Related Analytics: Provides insight into detailed medical history to help inform diagnosis, potentially reduce encounter time, avoid duplicative exams or tests, and aid in patient evaluation and diagnosis for more efficient and improved care.*

quest_icon_3.png Risk Score-Related Analytics: Provides insight into patient risk score accuracy gaps (e.g., HCC, CRG, CDPS, etc.) and supports accurate disease burden documentation of unaddressed or worsening conditions to achieve a more accurate understanding of patient-specific disease burden.*


*The accuracy of this system is only as good as the data that has been entered into it.  

The free report is a sample of the Data Diagnostics® full report.