Introducing QuanumTM 

A full suite of technology solutions to better analyze, connect, and engage.

Medicare and other major payers are moving away from volume-based reimbursement strategies and shifting to models that reward physicians and health systems for the delivery of quality care that leads to better outcomes. To elevate the quality of care they are providing, healthcare leaders are looking to data to identify areas of need and to develop strategies for improvement. 

The Quanum portfolio of technology solutions from Quest Diagnostics helps overcome these challenges by leveraging Quest’s 20 billion clinical lab test results, an infrastructure of connectivity with over 600 EHRs, and our unique perspective serving the healthcare community for nearly fifty years. These solutions provide data analytics to create actionable insights to help drive improvements throughout the healthcare system. 

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Analytics Suite from Quanum - Includes a suite of clinical solutions that allows providers, health systems, and payers to securely and conveniently access clinical informatics, advanced healthcare analytics, population health management and care coordination, and quality reporting. 

  • Data Diagnostics® -  A suite of patient-specific, real-time analytics that can be accessed on demand by clinicians at the point of care within their existing workflow. Three distinct categories of patient health analytics are available:
    • Quality-Related: Provides clinical and quality gap status. 
    • Historical Data-Related: Gives insight into patients' medical history and status.
    • Risk Score-Related: Provides insight into patient risk score accuracy gaps.
  • Quanum Lab Utilization A suite of solutions that make it easier to gain insights about your historical test utilization. This tool offers on demand, customizable utilization reports to analyze utilization patterns and costs.
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Clinical and Financial Suite from QuanumConnects healthcare organizations, community physicians, and patients to improve access to information and insights.

  • Quanum Electronic Health Record (EHR) - Cloud-based solution that includes a full electronic health record, built in Quest Diagnostics lab interface, ePrescribing, MyQuest™ Patient Portal, and robust iPad app. Utilize secure mobile access via our iPad®, iPhone® and Android applications that harmonize with your dynamic workspace.
  • Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) - Our complete medical billing solution designed to help you improve collections and financial performance. Quanum Scheduling, Practice Management and Electronic Health Record solutions are included with RCM.
  • Quanum Interactive Insights™ - Actionable lab results, enhanced with diagnostic insights in both provider and patient contexts.

      • Clinical Insights:  View algorithms, clinical use and background information for tests you have ordered.
      • Order New Tests: Order tests quickly in the context of existing test results.
      • Longitudinal Reporting:  See analyte trends over a two-year span, for all results stored with Quest Diagnostics.
      • Mobile Accessibility: Fully mobile and secure, so you can access powerful functionality wherever you are.
      • Patient Insights: Share patient friendly views of test results electronically or in print. Open new channels of patient 

Experience our growing network, which services nearly half of the physicians and hospitals in the U.S. with solutions that touch the lives of over 30% of American adults every year. 

*The accuracy of this system is only as good as the data that has been entered into it.